Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Messy Day

Ok, so I woke up today somewhat optimistic at what the day might hold. Little did I know! I did a rushed trip to the grocery store, trying to fit it in before Bay's playdate at the splashpad. Greg kindly came outside to help me bring in the groceries. He opened the back of the car and we watched an entire jar of salsa, a box of life cereal, and 3 bottles of vitamin water crash to the ground. I can't speak for everyone when I say, I don't think the good people at Pace have ever intended salsa to be a substitute for milk with your cereal. I was running very late for the playdate and this new turn of events was not helping. The broken glass and salsa literally had to be shoveled off of the driveway. As I drove away the big red splotch on the driveway looked like a murder scene.
Bay had a great time at the splashpad, and so did I. When we got home I put her majesty in the tub and all seemed right with the world. Then I looked down and saw the poop that was floating in the tub! This is the third time that she has given me this wonderful gift. I took Bay to my shower and sprayed her down. I scooped the presents out of the tub and gave it a good scrub. I feel like I have cleaned up messes all day long! I looked at the clock and saw it was only 6:34, too much time left for more messes to be made! :)

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  1. Ha ha, why are there so many days like that in the life of a mom? That can be so frustrating sometimes. The poop in the tub cracks me up...but only because it wasn't my kid!