Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Four Months Old

Today darling Ella Faith is 4 months old! At four months she...

-is so loud...coos and squeals with delight all day long!
-loves her entertainment center
-sleeps on her side at night
-loves to stand on laps rather than sitting
-sleeps through the night most of the time
-finally showed her Dad she can roll over(mom saw it a month ago)
-eats 6 ounces at a time
-is very impatient for her bottle
-drools like crazy!
-gets comments on her hair everywhere we go(people think it is a wig!)
-chomps on her fist a lot
-loves all the attention from the children at church(she gets passed around)
-loves playing with her big sister(hermana mayor)
-is such a happy sweet girl!
-is very tan and chubby

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