Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy 7 Months Ella!

Sweet Ella Faith- At 7 months you...

-have two teeth on the bottom
-roll all over the floor
-army crawl quite well
-make the funniest face where you scrunch your nose and stick out your tongue when you are excited!
-can hold your own bottle
-say "dada" and babble
-chew on everything
-love your baby food and bottles (a #1 jar of food and 6 ounces of formula)
-have the greatest smile!
-love looking at yourself in the mirror
-have learned to wave (it is sooo cute!)
-wear size 3 diapers
-love to crawl under things like the coffee table
-pat things a lot
-will go to anyone
-have a great giggle
-love to take baths with big sis.
-sleep best with music on
-love to give kisses to your big sister
-travel well in the car
-have lots of rolls on your thighs!
-are so sweet and chubby!

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