Sunday, December 26, 2010

8 months old

Will the real Ella Faith please stand up? Sweet Ella turned 8 months on Christmas Eve. At 8 months Ella...

-loves to stand up and hold onto the furniture.
-has 2 teeth on the bottom but has the top 2 breaking through.
-smiles so big when you make eye contact with her
-loves to dance to music
- "sings" the hymns and acts like she is conducting at church.
-finally said "mama"!
-chews on everything
-loves baby puffy snacks
-pulls everything off of the coffee table
-has such tiny feet that size 2's are still too big
-loves anything that makes a crinkly sound
-stands up in her crib
-wants to eat the remote control and telephones
-has some hilariously chunky thighs
-likes to put everything in her mouth
-giggles and hides her face when you come in the room
-loves her Dada
-enjoyed pulling the ornaments off the Christmas tree

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