Thursday, December 23, 2010

Walmart's "Fighting Hunger Together"

My Sister told me about this awesome contest! Walmart is giving away 1 million dollars to the community that gets the most "fans" on facebook(you need to "like"Salt Lake City on the Fighting Hunger Website). Salt Lake City has been #3 for the past few days! The community with the most "fans" gets 1 million dollars, the next five highest communities get $100,000! I know that at least some of the money (I am not sure totally how it is disbursed) goes to the Utah Food Bank. I know that the Utah Food Bank really helps a lot of the hungry and needy in Salt Lake City and throughout the state. Both of my daughter's Birth Moms have lived in a shelter in SLC and the help is spread so thin there. There are some great programs that get cut each year because of lack of funding. Please take a moment to become a fan of SLC!

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  1. I am SO EXCITED that SLC won the big money!!!! I am also thrilled that another Utah city won as well as two of my favorite places in South Carolina, Charleston and Columbia!