Monday, January 24, 2011

Ella Faith is 9 Months Old!

At 9 Months you...

-have four teeth (two on top and two on the bottom)
-love your toys(activity table, musical zoo and dolls)
-have beautiful dark brown eyes
-are usually standing up in your crib when we come to get you out in the morning
-give very sloppy kisses
-love holding onto furniture and standing up
-can't get enough cut up bananas
-do not like to hold your own bottle
-are very ticklish on your ribs
-love splashing in the tub
-have the cutest little feet, still a size 2
-weigh about 18 pounds
-love to grin at your Dada(he loves to grin back at you)
-eat jarred foods twice a day followed by a small bottle. Your other two feedings are just bottles
-love "puffy snacks"
-say "mama", "dada", and "Ella"
-love playing with your big sister (you think everything she does is AWESOME)
-are cutting at least 2 more teeth right now
-are still so easy to take places
-wear size 9 months or 12 months clothes
-flap your arms when you get excited!
-look huge in your baby car-seat
-do not like getting your hair fixed(it isn't fun for mama either)
-love attention from all the kids at church
-make the cutest happy noises
-have been waking up at 5am to eat (not our favorite!)
-love to crawl under things (the kitchen table, desks, the coffee table)
-stick your tongue out when you are happy or are trying to get someone's attention
-love to pat things
-are super messy- your hobbies include:
-eating food that Bailey drops on the floor
-eating birdseed that Loki drops on the floor
-visiting the toilet if we forget to close the bathroom door
-chewing on shoes
-putting anything and everything in your mouth!
-drooling to the point your shirt is soaking wet

We love you sweet Ella!

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