Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Can She Be 10 Months?

At 10 months you...

-are a total joy to be around!
-love to try new foods (you loved rice and any fruit but weren't so sure about re-fried beans or broccoli)
-are a very fast crawler
-love to say your name-ELLA! (usually at very inappropriate times!)
-flap your arms with excitement
-put everything in your mouth (you find the tiniest things)
-love to talk to your reflection on the oven door
-love to play independently
-had to take your first antibiotics (ear infection)
-can stand without holding onto things
-are only wearing a size 2 shoe
-are starting to give your big sister a run for her money
-have very long bangs (we clip them back)
-love to dance and sway to music
-have an obsession with remote controls and cell phones
-love bath time (splashing!)
-get very happy when the bathroom door is left open (you love to pull the toilet paper off the roll)
-can empty a box of tissues in seconds
-have 4 teeth (more on the way)
-love to be outside
-like dogs
-want to catch Loki so badly (he steals your food sometimes)
-either give people a big grin, or a blank stare...nothing in-between
-think Bailey is the greatest dancer ever (you watch her in amazement!)
-are very ticklish and giggly
-have gorgeous brown eyes

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