Friday, February 4, 2011

She is Growing Up So Fast!

I can't believe how fast time is going by. She talks non-stop and says the craziest things. She picks up on concepts and phrases really fast. She loves being read to. Sometimes I think she isn't paying attention when I try and teach her things, but she is really soaking it all in. Her prayers at night are the cutest things I have ever heard. I really wish she wasn't constantly hungry because she is such a messy eater! I should own stock in fruit snacks, frozen yogurt and cheese. She has crazy puffy curly out of control hair. She loves anything to do with princesses. She dances and twirls all around the house in outfits of her own choosing. She is so very proud of her little sister. Earlier this week she introduced her little sister to another child at Toddler Time by saying, "This is my baby. She's my sister. Her name is Ella, I'm the big sister!" She is so excited to go to school like her big kid friends do (this won't happen till September). I have to call our visits to story time at the library "library school" so she can feel big. I love her big blue eyes and her great giggle. I wish I didn't have so many pictures of the back of her head, she runs when the "mamarazzi" tries to take her picture. She is in constant motion. I love my sweet Bailey Jo.


  1. We all love sweet Bailey Jo!Hugs--

  2. I am not anonymous I'm Auntie Wheelz!

  3. She and my daughter would get along perfectly!!! ur daughters are beautiful!!