Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11 Months Old

Darling Ella,

At 11 months you...

-have stated walking! (you can take up to 5 steps at a time)
-have 5 teeth now.
-love to go places
-don't want to hang out in your carseat when we go places anymore.
-are in size 12 months or even some 18 month clothes
-still have the tiniest feet (size 2)
-love to get your Dada's attention. You visit him in his home office multiple times a day.
-always manage to get a hold of Bay's crayons (I pull them out of your mouth all day)
-like to be outside
-get excited when you see other babies
-love your bottle (I think it is going to be hard for you to give it up later)
-eat a lot of fruit (oranges, bananas, fruit cocktail, etc)
-are sleeping so much better at night (thank goodness!)
-are so beautiful! (gorgeous brown eyes, beautiful skin and shiny dark hair)
-smile whenever you get someone's attention
-are not afraid of strangers
-throw things off of your highchair
-love to clap
-have chunky thighs
-want to keep up with the big kids
-love to crawl to the toilet whenever we leave the bathroom door open.

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