Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Your stats at one-year-old...
-weight 20 pounds and 2 and a half ounces (35%)
-length 29.5 inches (65%)
-head 17.5 inches (33%)

At One-Year-Old you...
-are walking everywhere
-can say: Mama, Dada, hi, Ella, happy
-mimic sounds
-point at things
-wake up very happy
-love balloons
-love to eat fruit (especially bananas and grapes)
-dance anytime you hear music
-love to hug Dada's legs
-like to watch "The Wonder Pets"
-couldn't be messier eating a lollipop
-were just moved to a bigger car seat
-only really use a pacifier to get to sleep
-love to play outside
-are a very fast walker...you keep Mama on her toes!
-love playing at the splash-pad
-still have super-tiny feet (size 3's a still a bit big)
-loved eating a cupcake at your birthday party
-like toys that make noise
-love frozen yogurt
-love to clap
-like baby dolls
-love taking baths (you love to play with bath books)
-have beautiful long hair
-are switching to sippy cups rather than bottles(mike instead of formula)
-were so hard to "wrangle" at your one-year-old photo shoot
-are great at waving


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  1. super duper cute! Love you Ella!
    ~ Your future MIL :)