Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons have gone really well this year. We went to the city pool for the first time and really like it there. Bay and Macy have learned a lot from their teacher, Miss Erika. I was glad their class only had 4 little children in it, they were such a cute little group. Bay loved going to her lessons, and looked forward to them each day. She is usually pretty brave in the water, sometimes too brave! Today during her last class she was too cute. She had to run over to me in the middle of class to give me a kiss. She is too funny! Bay was nervous about going down the big slide today, she was stewing about it a bit last night. She fought it a bit, but her teacher took her down anyway! She ended up going down twice. She was miserable walking up to the top of the slide, but had a huge smile on her face at the bottom! Miss Erika said she had to bribe her with a treat!

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