Friday, July 15, 2011

The Crew at the Zoo

It was about time we got this crew together, even if just for a day. The kids had a great time at the zoo getting to know each other. They also seemed to love running in different directions and watching their moms run after them! :) I have to say for 10 little ones they behaved amazingly well. We had them in matching shirts which made it a lot easier to keep up with everyone. Everyone loved riding the train, playing on the playground, and checking out the animals. I can't believe that both Lisa and myself forgot about Jamie's peanut allergy and packed peanut butter sandwiches for all of our kids! I am happy to say that Jamie was unaffected and didn't have to be chauffeured out of the zoo by an ambulance! It was such a fun day and I have to say we have a great group of kids! Who knew what the future held when we met in 1996!

Jamie, Brooke, Tyler, Abby, Jacob, Nate, Emily, Bailey, Madeline, Jill, Ella, Lisa and Caleb
Arriving soon, baby Claire and baby known as "Hint of Lime Chips" (named after the food it is has thrived off of in the womb)

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