Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I recently got to reunite with two of my favorite people, Lisa and Jamie! The three of us haven't gotten to hang out together in years, but we have always kept in contact. We met our Freshman year of college at Deseret Towers (RIP) and have been friends ever since. After our Freshman year we moved into a condo together with our other roommate Nekell. Unfortunately, Nekell wasn't able to come from Georgia to hang out with us. The four of us lived it up on condo row! Between us there are 12 kids and two on the way! Jill(2), Lisa(4), Jamie(4), and Nekell(2). Jamie and Lisa a both 8 months along and due a week apart. I love these ladies so much and had such a great time with them, it's like we were never apart!

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