Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All About Ella

Ella is 16 months old and so much fun! She is doing a little bit of talking these days. Her words include: shoes, cheese(she is referring to her beloved macaroni and cheese), nana(she means banana), ni-night, bye, hi, sister, no, mama and dada. Much to Dad's dismay her hobbies include jumping on the couches and dancing on the coffee table. She loves to color with crayons. Ella loves watching Yo Gabba Gabba or any Disney princess movie. She LOVES her Dada more than anyone. Each morning she greets him with a wave and a smile! She is a dancing machine, one of her favorite songs to dance to is Dynamite by Taio Cruz. She loves it when we sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus. She gave up bottles months ago and decided she didn't want a pacifier long before that. Ella definitely thinks she is a big girl, she wants to do anything her sister does. She is the sweetest little thing ever, but when she is mad about something she lets you know. She is a fast runner, especially when I am trying to keep up with her at church. Ella has a smile that lights up a room and a tan to envy!

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