Monday, September 19, 2011

The Little Mermaid

Bay wanted to show Ariel her baby Ariel
Bay was so nervous to meet two of her favorite people
Bay gave Ariel's hair some volume!
Jill, Bailey, Erika, Kristi
I am glad the chef didn't cook up my little shrimp!
The Little Mermaid at Tuachan was SO MUCH MORE THAN I EXPECTED! I love the Disney movie of The Little Mermaid, but wasn't sure how the play would work. The play was filled with so  many special effects I could hardly believe it. Glow in the dark paint, People swinging from trapezes, a flooded stage, fireworks, a sheet of water raining down on the stage with projections of ocean life on it and fabulous costumes. The actors glided around the stage on special skates which made it seem like they were swimming rather than walking. I wasn't sure how Bay would hold up with the show starting at 8:15, but she did pretty well. Bailey did hide under her chair when the evil sea witch, Ursula, came on the stage! She was mesmerized by everything that was going on. This was so much more than a play, it was an experience! I would recommend seeing this show before it is gone!

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