Thursday, November 17, 2011


Brushing Away!

Can we say volume?

Bay has MASSIVE amounts of hair! She gets compliments on her hair everywhere we go. I have learned that I can't really brush her hair unless it is gets HUGE! She desperately wants long hair like her idol Rapunzel...that isn't going to happen! Her hair is long, but it is not long and straight like Rapunzel's hair. Her older cousin spent an evening using a straightening iron on Bay's hair. It looked cute for a few minutes, but started curling back up all on its own! Bay keeps bringing me a brush and saying, "Mom, can you brush my hair long?" She wants long straight hair so badly! I hope one day she can learn to embrace her curls. I LOVE her CRAZY hair so much!

1 comment:

  1. Bailey's hair is so like Anna's was. We couldn't keep hers styled for more than 5 minutes, unless we did cornrows that held each hair tightly in place! Just know that she will have amazingly stylable, enviable, and behaved hair when she's a little older, if she follows in her sister's footsteps.