Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Rough Day

Last Tuesday was a really rough day for me. It started out like a normal Tuesday, but didn't end that way. The girls and I were going out to lunch with our friends. I took Bailey out of the car and then went around to the other side of the car to get Ella out. Bailey was acting nervous about all the cars in the parking lot and was sticking to me like glue. When I opened Ella's door I misjudged where Bay was standing and the corner of the door hit her right in her left eyebrow. It started bleeding immediately! She was in such shock that she was running in circles in the parking lot. When I caught up with her she was inconsolable. I was trying to lay her down in a grassy area so I could assess the situation but she wouldn't lay down. My friend Danielle was able to take a baby wipe to it and then we knew stitches were in order. At this point in the story I would like to give a shout out to the old lady that kept staring while I tried to calm my hysterical child, your gaze was very helpful! I digress! We got Bay back into the car and Danielle covered the wound with Buzz Lightyear band-aid. I went and picked up my husband and after a few calls we decided to take her to a local Instacare. I carried Bay towards the building and Greg had Ella with him. I opened the door to the Instacare and bopped Ella in the face it! I couldn't believe that I busted her lip while I was trying to get her sister fixed up! When we went to the counter to check in they thought the little screaming one was the patient. It took a while, but we got Bay stitched up. The medical staff was so kind there. I kept telling Bailey that if she was brave that I had a "dress-up surprise" for her at home. The male Dr. kept trying to focus her on the surprise that awaited her at home. When I told Bay that there were sparkles on the dress she would get the Dr. said, "I wish I had sparkles on my shirt!" The nurse, the mother of 3 teenage boys, kept trying to name princesses for her. A couple of hours after trying to go for a leisurely lunch, Bay had four stitches in her left eyebrow. Ella's wound was minor thank goodness, but she did look like she had just come from getting lip injections. Bay is healing well and Ella looks back to normal. Now that we have our first stitches out of the way I am afraid of what is next!

Nothing a little ice cream can't cure!

Healing right up!

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  1. oh my goodness. poor bay. poor mommy. i'm sorry you had a no good rotten day. :(