Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hooray for Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas at our house. We had a yummy dinner with Grandma and Amy on Christmas Eve. After dinner we enjoyed reading about the birth of Christ. The next morning Bailey ran into my room, "Santa came!" "He brought me a kitchen...just what I wanted!" Within moments she was cooking up a storm! We went and woke up a very sleepy Ella and then I let the girls go through their stockings. New slippers were a hit with both of them. Ella found a mini twix candy bar in her stocking and thought she was set after that. The girls opened lots of fun presents. Bailey got a Princess Tiana baby and Bay got a Rapunzel doll. They love the Fur-real pets from the Waltons and the Magna-doodles from Grandpa. Another favorite came in the form of fancy princess nightgowns. These little ladies got more than they would ever need. After presents we went to church for a beautiful musical meeting. At 3:30 we went and had a late breakfast (brinner, brunch, linner, etc.) at Dave and Caryn's house. Everything tasted great! After eating the grand kids got to open their presents from Besta and Far Far. Ella received a Scout talking puppy and Bailey got princess bath barbies. When we got home the girls went right into the tub with the bath barbies. I think they could have stayed in there all night! It has been a Christmas to remember.

Ella kept begging for more cranberry relish!

Santa came!

Silly Sisters

Ready for church

Ella stole Bay's Strawberry Shortcake

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  1. I love these girls!What a memory for them.They look like they have such fun together, too.
    i am glad Ruth and Amy could share this.
    Love you all.
    Auntie wheelz and Uncle Hermann.