Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4 Year-Old Bailey Jo

Bailey had her 4 year-old check-up today. Here are her stats:

Weight: 37.7 lbs (70%)
Height: 41.54 inches (84%)
BMI: 15.4 (52%)

Bay is a very fun, spunky girl. She loves life and certainly loves to have fun!
-has lots of friends
-asks me to "make arrangements" when she wants a playdate with a  friend
-is obsessed with treats and snacks
-did great in her first year at preschool
-loves to go out to lunch with her BFF Macy
-loves her ballet class
-enjoys her Dad reading to her at night
-can say The Pledge of Allegiance
-sings a song about the days of the week
-Writes her name and other letters
-loves to paint
-loves Disney Princesses and Strawberry Shortcake
-is very stubborn
-wears a size 9 shoe
-has amazingly curly hair that people comment on every day
-loves her teachers at church
-prays every night for a baby brother (she talks as if it is a matter of when not if)
-loves babies (she loves holding babies and takes pride in how much they love her)
-loves music and dancing
-is obsessed with the color pink and now says she loves silver too
-leaves amazing phone messages for Aunt Amy
-never forgets who gave her gifts
-loves to play at splashpads and parks
-says her little sister is her "best friend"
-is super crabby when she wakes up in the morning
-has been begging to go to Disneyland (she wants to see where the  princesses live)
-is amazing at stalling at bedtime
-loves her Grandparents
-has an awesome giggle
-has a great memory and catches onto things quickly
-wants to be just like her cousin Rachel when she grows up
-tans really well
-takes great pride in being adopted
-does not like it when Mom goes to the gym in the evening
-loves "dress up" and wants to wear "dress ups" everywhere we go
-has a great imagination
-has a beautiful smile
-loves to teach her sister things
-loves macaroni and cheese
-does not like having her picture taken
-loves having her toenails painted
-has beautiful blue eyes
-loves to play on the computer
-is obsessed with swings (it is impossible to get her off of them)
-loves to be outside
-told me the other day that she has a "passion for fashion!"


  1. We love BAY!!!!! Grandma Jo, Grandpa Dave, Anna and Abby *heart heart heart heart*

  2. You forgot "has a Passion for fashion"

  3. You forgot "has a Passion for fashion"

  4. You forgot "has a Passion for fashion"

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  6. I love reading this! The amazing memory and curly hair are not surprising to me! She looks like such a happy girl. Good job, Jill! :-)