Saturday, May 5, 2012

She is Getting So Big!

Ella on the morning of her birthday...she can't open her eyes when she first wakes up!

Ella had her "well" check last week. Here are her stats:

Weight: 24.91 lbs. (26%)
Height: 33.86 inches (75%)
Cuteness: totally (100%)

Greg says she is in the 75th percentile for height because she is almost full grown! :)

-she loves anything Princess
-she is very brave when it comes to climbing on playgrounds (no fear!)
-she loves to dance and jump
-doesn't like being in her car seat, she yells "I suck!" over and over when she means "I'm stuck!"
-loves fruit
-repeats everything her sister does and says
-adores Yo Gabba Gabba (Foofa is her favorite)
-likes to dress up
-insists on having tons of books in her bed with her at night
-is talking more and more all the time
-wants to go to preschool with Bailey soooo badly
-takes forever to eat her meals (especially breakfast)
-gives lots of kisses
-thinks her Dada is the greatest! (she looks forward to seeing him each morning)
-gets upset when her Dada has to go places without her
-is a total chocoholic
-calls all drinks milk
-calls her sister "Siser" or "Bayee"
-thinks her cousin Erika is the coolest!
-has a great giggle and an even better smile
-wears a size 5 shoe
-sleeps in in the morning
-thinks that when anyone calls on the phone it is Aunt Amy
-loves being read to (brings books over to you and sits on your lap)
-loves bathes, won't take showers
-cries when Grandma leaves
-loves playing in the backyard, especially in a swimsuit
-loves noodles
-has started the "I can do it myself phase"
-likes to color
-loves slides and swings
-thinks if you put any object on your head you can call it a hat :)
-likes to look "pretty"
-has really long hair, enough to do two long braids
-dislikes having her hair done, cries the entire time
-loves kicking a soccer ball
-loves babies
-sings her own version of the "ABC song" (she has the right tune!)
-can count to 3
-loves going to Nursery at church

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