Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Beautiful Ballerina

Bailey had her first dance recital on May 19th, 2012. She has adored dance class. She danced to the song "Pretty Little Pirouette". Bay and her little ballerina friends were so adorable up on the stage. In the middle of the routine Bay decided she needed to wave incessantly in the direction of where she thought I was sitting (it was where I was during the dress rehearsal). It was really cute! She did well with her routine once she got back into it! The tradition at the dance studio is have the fathers of the ballerinas come up at the end of the performance and get their little girls off the stage. Greg brought a rose for Bay and went and got her off of the stage. Bailey had told Greg she was worried that he wouldn't get the right girl when he came on the stage because they were all dressed the same. Luckily Greg recognized his little lady up there! We had to leave shortly after Bay's dance because Ella was upset that she didn't get to go onstage and wouldn't stop screaming! As I tried my best to get a screaming two year old out of the theater I was yelled at by a mother who was trying to record her daughters performance(you are only supposed to record the dress rehearsal anyway). My foot was hooked onto someone's purse and I wasn't able to shake it off until I got to the end of our row. I sure hope that purse belonged to the rude mom. Our evenings are never dull!

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