Monday, June 25, 2012

Preschool Party

Notice the only one not wearing a hat

Bay loves Ms. Kami
Helping herself to the food

Showing a little leg

Proud little sister
Bay was nervous to perform at her Preschool Graduation (she still has another year of preschool). She refused to wear the hat that all the other children were wearing. When she finally got up to sing with her friends she did great! I was really impressed by everything she had learned over the year. The children were so darling up there! Bay did pull her dress up to her thigh in the middle of one of the songs to show everyone the pink band-aid covering the wound where she had gotten a shot the day before. After they performed I couldn't find Ella for a minute. When I found her she was helping herself to the refreshment table!  I don't even know why I was surprised. People were having to go around her to get to the food. My girls are hilarious!

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