Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And the Rain Came Tumbling Down!

On July 15th we got a lot of rain! It was a normal Sunday afternoon until it started hailing and pouring. The hail hitting our windows was so loud I truly thought they were going to break! The rain came fast and furious. Bailey wouldn't let up on the idea that she needed to "splash in puddles with her rain boots." She doesn't get many occasions to use there where we live.  The rain ceased for a bit and Bailey headed out with her boots on! We didn't have many great puddles around our house, but she made the best of whatever she found! She liked the puddles at our neighbor's house much better. Ella tagged along and they both got filthy from head to toe.

She didn't care that it was a small puddle

Pure Joy!

Little did we know while we were having fun our neighbors down the street had a basement with 4 feet of water in it. In fact, a lot of our neighbors had houses full of water and mud. We spent the evening trying to help clean up some of the disaster.

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