Thursday, September 13, 2012

Preschool 2012

 My sweet 4 year old started her second year of preschool. She loves school, but was a bit nervous about changing schools. We went to an open house at her school and she stuck to me like glue until some of the kids went and jumped on the trampoline outside. She has a cute class that has a few kids that she knows from church and her bff Macy. She was scared to go in on her first day but when I picked her up she was grinning from ear to ear! I was disappointed to hear that she cried at school because she wanted to bring home the "snack pack". The snack pack is the bag you bring the class treats in, she wanted to be the one to bring treats next. In her last school whomever brought the snack was the class helper that day, she loves being the helper! Once we worked out the snack saga all was well. She loves school and loves her new teacher, Ms. Dianne. She has been a bit emotional at school, but it seems to be getting better. She is learning a lot and having lots of fun too.

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