Friday, October 12, 2012

Field Trip

Bay went on her first field trip last month. She wasn't sure what a field trip was at first, but afterwards she was a big fan! All three classes (30+ kids) at Bay's preschool went to a local kitchen store to learn how to bake bread. They went on a scavenger hunt throughout the store to find all of the ingredients. Each child got to grind wheat, watch the ingredients go together, and then form an individual roll. While the rolls were baking they listened to the story of "The Little Red Hen". Afterwards we went across the parking lot and took the children to Baskin Robbins. Thirty-five cones later all the children were happily eating ice cream! They also got to feast on the wonderful smelling rolls they had made. I asked Bay for a bite of her roll and was denied! The field trip went shockingly well with so many children! It was a ton of fun!

Lucy, Bailey and Macy
Grinding Wheat

Bay was the cat in The Little Red Hen
Ice cream anyone?
Taking over Baskin Robbins

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