Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh My!

I have no idea what Bay was thinking! The other afternoon she started screaming and crying out of nowhere. Once she explained that she had shoved a rhinestone up her nose I knew why she was crying! I accessed the situation and realized we were in trouble! I tried my best to calm her down, because she was sniffing the rhinestone up higher and higher! I tried to get the rhinestone out with a comedone extractor but anytime I got near her nose she became hysterical. I tried to reason with her for almost an hour with no results. Thank goodness Greg walked in the door to lend a hand. We ended up having to wrap her up in a sheet like a burrito. Once she was wrapped up I was able to extract the rhinestone out! I couldn't believe how high it really got up in her nostril! I thought the drama was over until I asked her where the other two rhinestones she was playing with were. I didn't like her answer. She didn't know where they were and didn't know if she had put them up her nose or not! I couldn't see anything else in her nostrils but I also couldn't find the other two stones anywhere else! Finally the other stones turned up and the drama was over. This is not the first time Bay has shoved stuff up her nose before(we had a bad episode with rice before) but I hope this is the last! All three rhinestones made their way to the trash. The real irony was when Bailey came home from preschool that same day with a project with the same kind of rhinestones on it!

The culprit was the pink one!

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