Monday, August 26, 2013

Bailey's First Day of School

 I am so proud of my sweet little Kindergartener. She was nervous, but so excited about starting school. She kept saying to me, "Mama, it isn't school it's Kindergarten!" We picked out her outfit the night before. She woke up early and got dressed, backpack and all. She has afternoon Kindergarten, but was ready well before that! The first 5 years of her life have flown bye! She is a smart little lady and eager to learn. Ella was not about to miss out on anything, she insisted on walking Bay into her classroom. We found Bay's name at her seat and got her settled. Bay was doing just fine but Ella was upset that it was time to leave! Ella had found a "Go Diego Go!" book and was ready to settle down for a good read! I gave Bay a kiss goodbye and hauled her sister out of there! 

Ready for the big day!

She insisted on having her picture taken with little brother.
Thumbs up to Kindergarten!

She made it through the first day!

Bailey, Keslie, & Reagan
Everything went great! She had a wonderful first day and was happy to learn she got to go back the next day! She has a classroom full of friends and a great teacher.

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