Wednesday, November 13, 2013

4 Months Old

At four months old you...
-have your first tooth!(on the bottom, in front)
-roll all over the place
-still wear size 0-3 month clothing
-wear size 1 diapers
-are long and skinny
-love toys
-enjoy watching "Yo Gabba Gabba"(you love the music and colors)
-usually only wake up one time at night
-eat 5 ounces at a time
-like your activity center
-love to watch your sisters play(dance and sing)
-suck your thumb on occasion
-love to be held
-still spit up a lot
-laugh at Bay's silly noises and faces(she will do anything to make  you laugh)
-have a great smile
-have gained a much louder cry 
-love to sit in your bumbo chair at the table
-have handsome brown eyes
-pat things a lot
-are patient when Ella does your hair(it is her favorite)
-love water(baths and swimming)
-nap in your swing sometimes
-are very squirmy when we feed you a bottle
-kick all the time(especially when excited)
-are very ticklish
-are obsessed with your feet(they are your favorite toy)
-make a lot of noise(you love your voice)
-get excited when anyone gives you attention
-are so very handsome

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  1. He is sooooo cute!!! I want to kiss that face of his all day long!