Saturday, February 15, 2014

7 Months Old

At 7 months old you...

-sit in your high chair
-have said "Dada"
-still have only two teeth
-have eaten various flavors of baby food (squash, pears, apples, etc.)
-crawl all over
-still spit up a lot
-love to take your binky in and out all day
-wear mainly 3-6 month clothes
-put everything in your mouth
-sleep through the night sometimes, but aren't consistent
-have a great laugh and grin
-always need to know what your Dada is doing
-have been to Las Vegas
-are able to catch Loki now
-make a hooting sound
-jabber a lot
-like a nap about an hour after you wake up in the morning
-think Bailey and Ella are hilarious
-love to stand on your own legs(with help)
-love to play peek a boo with blankets
-when you aren't crawling you are rolling all over
-are quite easy to take places
-are so fun and charming
-have amazing eyelashes
-love music and loud toys
-still look really small
-are loved by everyone

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