Saturday, March 15, 2014

8 Months Old

Officially 8 Months Old
Doing Your "Ape Walk"

At 8 months old you...

-have TONS of personality!
-are obsessed with your binky(we are in big trouble later!)
-love to eat jarred baby food
-wave a people by flapping your arm
-take about 3 naps a day
-do not like your knees on the tile (you look like an ape)
-love baby snacks
-now bathe in the regular tub
-start crying every time you see Bay's bath time baby
-hang out under the coffee table a lot
-love playing in boxes (our new dishwasher box was so fun!)
-wear mainly size 3-6 month clothing
-wear size 2 diapers
-love to climb over anyone who lays on the floor
-sit in restaurant high chairs
-love to giggle
-are in constant motion (very busy)
-love being tickled
-spitting up less (finally)
-love saying "Mama" and "Dada"
-have had your first trip to the splash pad
-have been to Las Vegas
-love animals
-have been hiking at Zion National Park
-are great at sitting up by yourself (you love the new view!)
-enjoy your outside swing
-have handsome brown eyes and long lashes
-are a good crawler now
-love remote controls and cell phones
-you can feed yourself (snacks and bottle)
-are very noisy
-get so excited to see Bailey every morning (she greets you first)
-still have eczema issues
-are starting to hold onto things and stand
-spit out your binky the moment you see your bottle
-are very curious and a bit mischievous now
-are incredibly cute!


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