Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9 Months Old

At 9 months old you...

-are incredibly adorable!
-are so very busy
-love to clap
-wave and say "bye bye"
-still wear size 2 diapers
-are always wanting to play with Bailey
-eat "the sleepmaker"(Dad's oatmeal concoction)every night
-sleep through the night most nights
-love to be outside
-eat baby food twice a day
-want to play with the toilet brush really badly
-are so happy when you are in the bathtub
-have 8 teeth
-are still in the 4th percentile for weight (16.95 lbs)
-pull yourself up on the furniture
-enjoy your activity table
-still do your "ape walk" on hard floors
-love using your toothbrush
-say "pup" when you are holding your toy we call "puppy car"
-are very difficult to change (diapers and clothes)
-adore your binky
-feed yourself your bottles
-love your toys
-always play peek-a-boo before falling asleep
-love one on one time with Ella
-say "Bay" for Bailey
-love sitting outside the girls room when they are supposed to be sleeping and laugh when they put their hands under the door
-have a great toothy grin
-like to wave at people (sometimes you wave at yourself)
-are so tiny that people don't believe your age

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