Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Boy is 10 Months

At 10 months you...

-are awesome!
-can stand without holding onto things for a moment
-love watching everything your sisters do
-can play independently well
-love to play in water (like in the middle of the slip n slide)
-are really messy at meals
-eat oatmeal every night before bed
-love to have a binky in your mouth and one in your hand
-are far too busy to be snuggled
-are a great dancer and love music
-say "yum" when you are eating
-are constantly smiling
-still "monkey crawl" on hard surfaces
-love to go places
-bang on your sisters' bedroom door when they are trying to sleep
-love for your dad to swing you around
-will let anyone hold you
-think bath time is the best time of all
-always push buttons on the computer when the girls are on it
-sleep on your belly with your knees underneath
-arch and squirm when you get your diaper changed
-love Loki and are constantly at his cage to say hello
-still wear size 2 diapers
-love to be outside
-wear either size 3-6 month or some 6-9 month clothing
-prefer Bay over about anyone
-love alone time with Ella
-explore the house so much we have to shut most of the doors
-really enjoy other kids
-love to eat lots of snacks
-are so incredibly fun! 

*The outfit Josh is wearing was purchased by my sister over 10 years ago in hopes of a nephew. The size on it says 3 months. I guess 10 month old Josh = a 3 month old Hawaiian baby :)

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