Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bailey was so excited to see the pumpkins at our local plant nursery. She says her own version of the word pumpkin and went around patting all of them (she has always "patted" the things she likes). It was hilarious when she sat down on two pumpkins and rode them like a horse. She was meticulous in checking out each one before deciding on a teeny-tiny pumpkin that cost less than a dollar. The sales lady laughed at how she didn't want to let go of it to buy it.
When I went to check out the pots they had I saw a black widow spider! Look at the hourglass shape on the back of that guy! I was taking a picture of him when he scurried away. I don't know where he went so I have had the creepy-crawlies ever since!

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  1. oh, she is getting so big! it seems like they get more and more fun!:) I love a good pumpkin selection.