Tuesday, January 27, 2015

18 Months...We made it!

At 18 months you...

-make giant messes all day long
-love going to nursery at church
-dance when you watch "Yo Gabba Gabba"
-want to eat fruit snacks "nacks" constantly
-are a terrible sleeper, you wake up a lot at night
-you cry for Bailey at night
-only get to have your binky "minky" when you sleep
-love the book "Busy Bugs", especially the page of flies
-still wear size 3 shoes
-love socks but freak out if they aren't on all the way
-repeat what everyone says around you
-love to say "apples","bubbles", "diaper", "buckle" and "poop"
-love to snuggle with Dad when you are tired
-point at your shoes when you want to go somewhere
-love to be out and about
-empty the low kitchen cabinets
-love light switches and watching lights go on and off
-are so popular with the neighborhood kids
-love animals
-know ears, nose, eyes, knee, elbow, teeth and hair
-despise your high chair
-love playing with Ella and Bailey
-like to eat macaroni and cheese but call it "noodles" 
-eat a waffle every morning for breakfast
-love other kids and babies
-get jealous when Mama or Bay are holding other babies
-love to play with Mega Blocks
-give your family lots of hugs and kisses
-love the duck statues and owl statue next door
-you love to "quack", "moo", and "roar"

weight 20.41 pounds (1%)
length 31.65 inches (29%)
head 18.2 inches (13%)

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