Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas was wonderful as always. We planned on traveling this year, but plans changed and my mother and sister came here instead. We had a small group, but a great time. Christmas Eve ate marinated flank steak with chimichurri and delicious sides! After a great meal we made a gingerbread house and read about Jesus's birth. The kids were excited to go to bed for once, knowing that Santa was on his way! 

Josh wasn't interested in a group picture

Mama, Amy, and I stayed up a while chatting and wrapping presents. Greg was busy putting together a scooter for Josh. The tree was beautiful and sparkly while we worked. 

Christmas morning was so fun! Bailey came and woke us up with news that Santa had come. She wouldn't admit it, but we knew she had already gone through the stockings and had an inventory in her head of what everyone was going to receive. Josh received some big boy underwear in his stocking. He looked at them and promptly said, "no thank you!" and threw them! Even Santa can't get him interested in potty training! We all got a good laugh out of his reaction. He did love two Dollar Store trucks in his stocking and was very satisfied with that! The kids were so happy and grateful as they took turns opening their presents. I was so happy at their behavior. Santa came through and brought what the kids had asked him for.

Bailey-A Zoomer Kitty(robot cat)

Ella-A Cotton Candy Machine

Josh-An Excavator  

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