Monday, September 21, 2009

Our weekend in Vegas!

Greg and I didn't get to do a whole ton for either of our birthdays so we splurged a bit and got tickets to see The Killers in concert. My Father-In-Law got us the hook-up on an amazing room at The Hotel.
The Hotel is the name of the hotel itself, it is part of the Mandalay Bay family. We saw Gold Medalist(sand volleyball) Kerri Walsh and her adorable family in the lobby. All the rooms at The Hotel are awesome suites. We got a good laugh at how they label things in the room like: the tp, the doodles(for the notepad),the sparkle(housekeeping info), the eats(room service dining). We had a great view of the Strip from the 27th floor. The suite had 2 huge flat screens and one smaller one in the bathroom.
The Killers show was soooo much fun, they have an amazing stage presence. The opening band, Halloween Town, was AWFUL! The lead singer had a terrible voice and their songs had raunchy lyrics. The first song I think all they did was sing the words "Halloween Town"over and over! After that the band Phoenix(who isn't from Phoenix interestingly enough) played. They were MUCH better. I enjoyed a lot of their music. The venue, Mandalay Bay Events Center, had signs up when you entered saying, "Strobe Lights will be used in tonights performance." This was not a show for epileptics, The Killers had tons of lighting effects! They opened up with "Mr. Brightside". We had a GREAT time!
When we got home on Sunday I was so excited to see Bay! Bay apparently had a great time with Grandma (my mom) and wanted to make sure I knew it. I went in for a kiss and she totally denied me and reached out for Grandma! :) I think today she has forgiven me for leaving!

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