Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Last month Bailey was able to hang out with her two half-sisters for a bit. She had previously met the younger of the two, Abby(7), but had not yet met Anna(8). We went to Pirate Island Pizza where the girls were able to play and eat. We think it is important for Bailey to know her biological siblings and family. Knowing them just gives her more people to love and to love her. It will be a while before she understands what the word "adoption" means, but it certainly won't be a new word to her.


  1. I think it's awesome you have such an open adoption! bailey's so lucky, cuz you guys are awesome parents, but she will always know how much she was loved before! so cool.:) did you know it's national adoption month?!? this was a great post for it.:)

  2. Yes, I did know it is National Adoption Month! We are having a celebration with our local chapter of FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) on Saturday!