Sunday, December 26, 2010

Traditional Christmas Breakfast

We enjoyed a big breakfast on Christmas day. The men were in charge of all of the cooking, the women aren't even allowed in the kitchen(not that we really want to do the cooking anyway). We had french toast, ham, potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. Everyone gets more than enough to eat. I am afraid any vegetarians would need therapy after that meal. After eating we played games and hung out for a while. Ella was so happy to hang out in the excersaucer for a while.
Erika, Rachel &Bay
Brylee, Ella, Bailey & Erika

Little Miss Ella
My oldest nephew, Andrew
Ella & Aunt Heather
Ella and her new doll that looks a lot like her!

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  1. Are there any more lovely ladies on Christmas Morning? Hugs and kisses from Aunt Wheelz!