Friday, August 30, 2013

Bay Jo

I love my smart little Kindergartener! Bay is a social butterfly! She has a lot of friends and is always up for a play date. She loves to dance and sing and is still determined that she is going to be in a "Popstar Trio" with her friends Haley and Macy. She is a yellow belt in Karate and just started playing on a soccer team. Bay is not happy unless she is going a million miles an hour! I asked her how Kindergarten was going and she said, "Mama, it is going smoothly!" She picks up on adult phrases and terms and it constantly makes me giggle. She is ravenously hungry lately. I feel like feeding her is a full time job! She loves to eat cereal, taco salad, quesadillas, peanut butter sandwiches, pulled pork, noodles, pizza, and anything sweet! She is long and lean so she wears size 6-7 clothes and size 12 shoes. Her long torso causes her to tower over her friends. Bailey is learning to read and can count to 100. Her favorite show is "Jem" which she watches on Netflix. She loves to play "babies and mamas" with her friends on put on dance performances. She takes her role as "double big sister" very seriously. She told me the other day, "Mama, being the oldest is a lot of work! I always have to take care of those two!" I didn't know she was doing all the work! :)She asked if I am the oldest in my family and I informed her that her Uncle Jake is the oldest. When I told her that she said, "Well then Uncle Jake understands!" She has always been dramatic! I love my Bay so much, she makes my life exciting!

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