Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Months Old

At five months old you...

-have two teeth(both on the bottom)
-still wear size 0-3month clothes (except pjs)
-love to roll all over the floor
-eat rice cereal
-love to pat and kick everything in sight
-have a great giggle
-love watching your sisters dance and sing to you
-have a very loud cry
-still put your Dad to sleep every time he holds you
-are so patient with your sisters 
-eat rice cereal in your bottle to reduce spit up
-play with your feet non-stop
-still like to be swaddled
-have a fantastic grin
-will let anyone hold you
-don't like to be alone(need someone in your sight at all times)
-really enjoy toys
-love to crinkle paper
-make lots of noises(they are really funny)
-make a noise that sounds just like you are saying "mama"
-are very long and skinny
-still wear size 1 diapers
-love it when Dad sneaks you tastes of different foods
-love music
-constantly scratch your head
-got to touch snow for the first time
-love to be held

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