Friday, July 18, 2014

He's ONE!!!

My sweet boy is 1 year old! At 12 months you...

-walk a few steps at a time
-are so happy and fun
-cut 4 molars at one time (you have 12 teeth in total)
-love to dance
-point a lot
-are very fast at getting around
-are very mischevious
-unload the low kitchen cabinets all day long
-eat a lot of solid foods (you love noodles)
-love to play in water (pools and splashpads)
-adore taking baths 
-always say "dada" when mama is trying to get you to say "mama"
-love to play with noisy toys
-wave and clap a lot
-graduated to a size 3 diaper
-loved eating (and wearing) your birthday cake
-laugh at Bay all the time
-love to have a binky in your mouth and one in each hand
-went to Las Vegas and SLC
-don't like wearing shoes
-are so cute and awesome (your sisters added this)
-are climbing on things now
-are totally addicted to your binky
-smile at people
-can be really loud at times
-are impossible to wrangle at church
-are constantly putting rocks in your mouth
-have some curl in your hair
-have discovered a love for french fries
-say "dada" when you hear the garage door open
-say:bye, night night, Mama, Dada, Bay, Ella, Happy, Stinky, Hi,Poo Poo, Baba, buddy

Weight 18.03 lbs. (2%)
Length 29.33 inches (36%)
Head 17.9 inches (23%)

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