Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Kids

            Bailey age 6 *** Josh age 1*** Ella age 4

I am so grateful to have these three little people in my life. 

Bailey is a social butterfly that enjoys playing with friends. She is a purple belt in karate and a beautiful ballet dancer. Math and reading are her favorite subjects at school. She loves riding her bike and playing on her tablet.

Josh is so much fun! He loves to walk every inch of our house 30 times a day. He is getting better about eating more foods and is slowly gaining the weight that he needs. He loves watching Yo Gabba Gabba and dancing to the music. Josh also loves to go to Story Time at the library and do the Bean Bag Dance! He is a smiley boy and is talking more and more all the time.

Ella is the life of the party! She is non-stop fun! She is always ready to play and have a good time. Ella loves going to dance class, Preschool, and is a dynamo on the soccer field. She loves to hug and wishes she never had to go to bed. 

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